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Not a kid anymore [Sep. 27th, 2004|11:14 am]
Rachel and Anna curled up in the bay window to watch the waves roll in while they waited for the rest of the party to arrive, it was going to be one of the best things to happen to Rachel in months. They talked about work, school, old friends, and how the little town they grew up in was still the same as it had always been. They thought about how reminiscing made them feel like old ladies, but laughed when they realized that they weren't even 25...much less elderly. As more people began to show up, Rachel's mother became more and more excited to have all the "kids" back in the house. As her mother and Anna greeted more people, Rachel wandered off to her old room. As she looked around at the room where she had grown up, she sighed, because she knew that it would always be like this...she would come in, everyone would be happy that she was there, and then she would leave. She felt a bit down, and even though she tried to ignore it, it just wouldn't go away, she was grown now, and with that came the truth of being an adult...she wasn't the little kid she used to be anymore, and somehow, that hurt.
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Old friends and new plans. [Jul. 27th, 2004|05:26 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

It was friday afternoon and Rachel was getting ready to make the long drive back to her home town to see some old friends. She had her car packed and was just waiting for her mom to call and let her know who would actually be there. "I can't believe I haven't been back until now, it's been almost half a year." Actually she was just happy to be able to make it to the annual party her friends threw for spring, it had been a close call. She just barely made it out of going to the convention her boss had wanted her to go to. And in a very ammusing twist, she was actually able to get Gary to go instead.....the irony was delicious, mostly because she knew that Gary would be more bored than she would have ever imagined since all he would really want to do would be to find where the night life kept the ladies.....instead he would be stuck in a hotel all alone with a bunch of old men. That thought alone would have made her day, but that thought along with the realization that she would get to see her family and friends made her want to jump around like a little kid. The phone rang and her mom told her who would actually be there and, much to the joy that had been building all day, she heard the names of all her best friends. With her thoughts making her smile she climbed into her car and drove off toward the beach.

As she neared the beach she turned off the air conditioner and rolled down her windows so she could smell the ocean air. That alone made her smile even more and by the time she pulled up in her parent's driveway she was grinning from ear to ear, especially after she saw the cars in front of the house, there were three cars which meant that some of her friends were already there. She got out of the car and headed for the front door, but before she could reach it the door was flung open and her mother enveloped her in a massive hug......for such a small woman she could come close to crushing anyone with one of her hugs. "I'm so glad you got here when you did, Anna just got here and she has some big news." Anna had been Rachel's best friend all though school and they had tried to stay in touch, but it was hard, they never got to speak to each other quite as much as they wanted. Rachel followed her mother inside and left her shoes by the door, after all, it was the beach and if was going to be on sand she didn't want shoes in her way. As soon as she got into the living room Anna cought her in a hug. "I have the best news, but Im sure your mom told you that" she said. "Yeah, mom said you had big news, so what's up, what's going on?" "Well, you remember that I was going to try to get into an art school for my master's degree, right?" Rachel nodded as Anna continued. "Well I was exceptd by the art school just down the street from where you work, I checked to see how far away it was and it's just past the park." Rachel let the news sink for a few moments as the smile she had spread across her face all day grew even bigger. "You mean you're going to be in the same city as me?" she said quietly. Anna nodded and bounced a little. "Oh my god, that's great! There is a guy in my apartment complex that you would think was so cute!" she said in a squeaky, excited voice. And from there girl talk and future plans were thrown into action while Anna, Rachel and Rachel's mother headed for the kitchen to cook for other friends that would be arriving soon.
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Nightmare [Jul. 23rd, 2004|09:51 pm]
[mood |drainednightmarish]

Rachel sat bolt upright in bed, sweat running down her face. She was still shaking as she stepped, not very gracfully, out of bed and made her way toward the kitchen. This was the third night in a row that she had been woken up by a nightmare, and to be honest, she was sick of it. Rachel was one of those people who just can't stand to be afraid, and these nightmares had her afraid. She got a glass of water and headed back to her room. She sat the water on the table by her bed and wandered over into the bathroom to make sure she looked like herself. Her hair was still blond and cut to her chin, her eyes were still green......so why did she see herself as someone different in those horrible dreams? She always looked the same, her hair was long and dark, her eyes were bright blue, and she was dressed in white evening gown (not that she'd ever be caught dead in an evening gown outside of a nightmare). The dream was also always the same, she would be walking in the park dressed for something special, always waiting for someone to pick her up, but they never came. She would see the headlights coming for her, then as the car got closer, a hand closed over her mouth and she was pulled into the trees. A dark figure would push up against a tree and hold a knife to her throat. While she held her breath, she heard it say "You know something you shouldn't, I'm afraid I can't allow that, you shouldn't know" then she felt a sharp pain in her neck, which would wake her up, sometimes screaming. She looked at her neck in the mirror now and saw nothing. "Stupid dream, I really need more sleep and I can't do it if I'm in a panic......it's not real anyway, I don't know anything special" she said in an attempt to calm down. For the most part it worked, and she made her way back to the bedroom. She sat down and made herself comfortable then reached for her water. She sat thinking for a few minutes sipping her water slowly. Maybe it was her subconcious telling her not to wear those stupid dresses she though......."done" she said aloud, "no formal dresses for me!" This amused her enough to make her laugh and she was finally calm enough to get back to sleep. As she drifted off she though about all that had happened in the past few months; leaving home, getting a job in a big city, and leaving everyone she knew behind......maybe the nightmares were more of a way for her cling to her past, she knew what it was like to live somewhere else, maybe that's what she knew. "Oh who cares? It's just a stupid dream" she muttered as she slipped into more peaceful sleep. Maybe tomorrow would be better.
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The begining [Jul. 23rd, 2004|02:22 pm]
After growing up near the beach her whole life, Rachel was not ready to be in a big city with nothing natural around her. One thing she did like about the city was how fast the pace seemed to be. But the slow pace of her childhood home by the sea was also something she missed.

She had moved to the city to get a “real job” which really only meant that she would be doing the same thing she would have been doing at home, only with some rather uptight people in rather uptight business suits. The only thing that was keeping her in this rat race was extra ten dollars an hour that she was making, but even that would be easy to give up if she let her mind wander back to the beach at night.

As she sat at her desk thinking about how all of her friends were getting ready to plan their annual spring break party (after all she was only 20), she realized that she might not get to be there if she really had to go to the convention her boss was trying to push off on someone (I mean really, who likes those damn conventions anyway?). That alone was making her question her decision to stay on with this job, but she was making twenty five dollars an hour as opposed to the fifteen she would be making back home……where her friends were…….where the beach was…….where her mind kept escaping to.

There was a loud noise behind her as Gary, the guy from the next office over dropped a large stack of paper on her desk. “You know, you shouldn’t let your guard down around here, there are ‘sharks’ everywhere” he said with that sleazy grin he seemed to have just for her. “I’ve seen sharks, and no one here is going to scare me, Gary” she said putting enough emphasis on his name to get her point across. He left her office sulking and she started flipping through the stack of papers, only to find a note three pages down with directions to a club she didn’t want to go to and a request for a date with a man she didn’t want to see. Sighing she dropped the paper into the trash can next to her desk and sat back to read the report that had been under the note. After a page and a half she let her mind drift back to when she was a kid again.
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